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Premier Infomercial Services &
Media Management

Marcum Media brings over 25 years of media buying expertise to the market and is one of the first to pioneer what is known as the infomercial. Marcum&s expertise ensures results oriented media placement and remains on the leading edge of full service infomercial marketing. The team at Marcum Media has expertise in all areas including creative consultation, product positioning, pre-launch cost analysis, production, fulfillment, media management, public relations, media placement, order sourcing and results analysis.

Media buyers at Marcum Media have a proven track record in allocating media budgets to the appropriate television stations and markets. These media schedules provide their clients with media exposure reflecting a frequency of spots, a high return on investment and a successful track
record of reaching the target demo. Marcum’s long standing relationships with major cable and network stations afford their clients the prime time slots at the best rates.

Pre-Launch Cost and Analysis
Marcum Media uses their expertise to help clients understand their cost and profit margins and can provide detailed results particular to every campaign. With these reports the client is then given results based historical advise that can help determine adjustments improving the overall ROI.

Consultation Services
Marcum is a full service advertising agency offering support services in campaign management as well as media funding. Please contact Marcum Media for a NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION to discuss your unique needs.